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About Us


Advocate Karan Rao is an asset and property manager that directs a full suite of services of Commercial and Residential Properties in the Real Estate markets of Gurugram and Rewari Region. His Team Elite Sectors focused to guide our Business partners and individual investors in the acquisition, financing, and property management of income producing properties.
Elite sectors has been working in Gurugram and Rewari for Last 15 year, and you will glad to know that our team Members doing tremendous job for our Organization in their relatives areas.Our Team Members possess brilliant knowledge of real estate which help us to understand a general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of land Which make us Aware of Current Scenario of both Commercial and Residential Real Estate.



Why you need us


Choose us to achieve your career goals. Here’s a checklist that will tell you the top most reasons behind our immense acceptability, in the market.

  • ● You are looking for a place to buy, Rent or lease
  • ● You are looking for a Tenants in Gurugram and rewari
  • ● You don’t have much knowledge of Real Estate of Gurugram and Rewari.
  • ● You have lots of properties or rental units.
  • ● You don’t live near your rental property.
  • ● You’re not interested in hands-on management.
  • ● Your time is limited.
  • ● You can afford the cost.
  • ● You’re suddenly inundated with management tasks.
  • ● You don’t want to be an employer.



How we are going help to achieve your goal


  • ● Help you find BHK, 2BHK and 3BHK.
  • ● Help you to find the Best Location for you interest.
  • ● Property Management Services.
  • ● Interior Design.
  • ● Attracts Maximum tenants.
  • ● Monthly Rent Receipt on time.
  • ● Regularly Preventive Maintenance or repair.
  • ● Maintaining Records Or Managing The Budget.
  • ● Assess the value or Quality to your property and high tenant’s turnover.
  • ● The property manager can assist the property owner with understanding how to file taxes for the investment property.





Our Team Elite Sectors understand the needs of our client and passionately do our work which Encourage Our Investor, Business partners and Residents or Tenants to invest and work with us.Your faith in Elite Sectors is everything for us and Together we will build the future.